Web Design

Web Design

01. Overview

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02. Bespoke Design

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03. Responsive Web Design

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04. Technology

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05. Hosting​

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Web design doesn’t have to be complicated. We will work closely with you to understand your business and your customer’s needs and use this, along with our expert web design knowledge, to produce the most successful online solution. We will advise the best technologies to use then work our socks off to deliver the perfect website.


We will make sure your website performs efficiently and your profitability is maximised. All of our websites can be fully customised to suit your needs and most importantly, your budget. Whether you need a large ecommerce website or even a small business website, you can guarantee you will be happy with the results.


With mobile devices taking the lead in how people browse, RWD (responsive website design) is a fundamental part to a modern day website. This term describes a way a website will automatically adapt its layout for optimal viewing experience on any device screen, ensuring you get a great user experience no matter how you view.

We design agnostically to encompass all users, devices and platforms, making sure our websites are future proof. We make sure we know what you and your customers want before we build your website- we are a research-driven web agency, ensuring every website we create goes through a rigorous research phase and is user and device tested before it finally launches. Basically, we make beautiful websites that work.

Since 2012 we have stayed at the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology whilst building websites. Doing this we have developed our own effective approach to responsive web design and unlike many others, offer more than just a mobile site.


We always take into consideration search performance when designing a WordPress website and blog and work closely with you to make sure you have the right content strategy and that you aren’t missing any opportunities to engage with your customers. Complementing the functionality of the CMS (content management system), are the bespoke designs which we produce. We want to make sure you stand out, so we take great pride in designing websites and blogs which make this happen.

SEO (search engine optimization) is basically a term used to say that your website should contain keywords which will grab the attention of your target audience. Similarly to content marketing, we ensure your website’s content is relevant and contains all the right information to attract your intended audience.

Sometimes if we are feeling extra kind we produce free and premium WordPress themes and plugins which will be available for download. Keep an eye out for these on our blog – you’re welcome!

We will build your website content with a page hierarchy to suit and go through all steps to ensure keywords are used. We will look at titles, subtitles and introductory paragraphs to make sure all text has been carefully considered and all keywords are relevant to your business.


We use a combination of technologies to ensure your website performs, engages and inspires


We can offer ultra-safe, fast and reliable hosting whether we have built your website or not (we won’t judge). Unlike many other companies we also offer an unbeatable level of support, thrown in for good measure.

Our dedicated server, UKFast (Manchester) is renowned to be one of the best and most reliable data centres based in the UK (with over 99.9% uptime).

As this server is for our client’s sole use, we are able to monitor and maintain the overall performance and security of the server. We can also offer a hardware and software firewall for added security, off-site backups to our Amazon cloud web server, twice-yearly updates to the website software and friendly website support by phone and email during normal office hours.